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Troubleshooting download and setup

We're sorry that there were problems during setup. Please refer to this guide for solutions to some common problems. If none of these suggestions help, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

I can't find the file I downloaded.

Just download the file again. Our apps are very small, and are usually stored in your web browser's temporary files folder, so the second download often only takes a second or less.

I get the message "... is not a valid Win32 application," or something similar.

Try restarting your computer, and then try starting the program again. If that doesn't help, click Start, then Settings, and then Control Panel. Open the Add/Remove Programs control panel, find the product in the list, and click Add/Remove. Choose the option to Repair the product, and then click Finish. That should solve the problem.

Something's asking me to tell it how to open an MSI file.

Extremely old computers will need a couple system updates before installing.

I receive the message "Your system administrator has restricted you from installing this software without approval" or something about administrative priviliges.

Your system administrator has set options to prevent you from installing certain software. Contact this individual for assistance in installing this product; they should be able to disable these restrictions for you, give you a special login name and password to use, or install the software for you.

None of the above suggestions helped, or my question isn't listed.

Click here to contact us, and we'll be happy to assist you!