Our data and privacy policy

This is an agreement between us (Green Eclipse) and you, a guest of our website.

Your data and your privacy are important. Here’s our promise to you.

What data we collect, and why

We don’t share

We will not share your personal information with anyone, unless required by law. (No advertisers.)

Your data (including personal information if applicable) is stored and processed on servers operated by a third party. They’re only allowed to use it for operating the website, not for anything commercial.

Access to any data that we collect will be restricted to only the people who need it to be able to operate and diagnose our products and services, nobody else.

We don’t spam

If you share your email address with us, we’ll only use it for the purpose that you gave it to us. We won’t send you spam or sell it. We’ll keep your messages in our private archives to help you better in the future, but we won’t share it.

Deleting your data

If you’ve shared data with us and want us to get rid of it, just ask.

The fine print

Our Share EclipseCrossword service has a slightly longer privacy policy, since the whole point of that service is to help you share your data, but it’s still just as friendly.

This policy applies to our websites and products—we can’t control what others do. So for example, if you donate to us through PayPal, their policies will apply.

This website is operated by Green Eclipse in the State of Washington, United States. If any disputes arise, those laws will apply. We can change these terms at any time without notice.