Green Eclipse .com

Privacy policy

Collection of personal information

No personal information is collected on the Green Eclipse website, except if you decide to make a donation or some other form of payment, or specifically contact us.

If you are redirected to the PayPal site and make some sort of payment to us, then your e-mail address will be revealed to us. Your address will be used only for sending relevant mail, such as a letter of thanks for a donation or purchase. You will never receive any "spam," and your address will never be shared with a third party. Your personal information will be held securely by PayPal, and will never be sent to us.

This does not apply to third party sites linked to on the Green Eclipse website. Green Eclipse makes no warranties or guarantees about the privacy policies of any sites that we link to. For more information about external sites, please contact the site itself.

Adware, spyware, viruses, etc... none!

Green Eclipse does not include advertisements or "spyware" programs in our downloads. The files you download from our site are the files that are needed to use the software, potentially including some system updates from Microsoft, and nothing more. All files are virus-free when uploaded to our secure server. You can be confident that you are not downloading things that you don't know you are downloading. Additionally, Green Eclipse products do not "call home" to Green Eclipse.

Personal information shared to technical support

Information submitted to technical support about your computer hardware, software, and other configurations will never be shared with anyone. This information may or may not be kept in private archives so as to better assist you in the future. At your request, Green Eclipse Software will purge all records of your communication with us. In the unlikely case that you share personally identifiable information with us, this information will be kept private, used only by Green Eclipse Software. Again, at your request, we will be happy to erase all of the information that was submitted. This information (mainly your name and e-mail address) will never be shared with another party. Technical support will not ask for any information unless it may be necessary in solving your problem.

For more information or details, or if you feel that Green Eclipse is not properly adhering to this policy, please contact us through our feedback form.