StickyPad screenshot

A small and lightweight sticky notes app for Windows.

Great for older computers that didn’t come with a note-taking app, StickyPad lets you create sticky notes on your desktop. Type notes to yourself, set meeting and appointment reminders, keep a to-do list, and do anything else you’d do with paper notes. You can even make a note translucent and have it float above whatever else you’re working on. Just press Windows+N and start typing.

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How to download and install

For English and Western European languages

StickyPad was designed for English, and works best with English and other Western European languages. We don’t recommend it for notes in other languages.

Need assistance?

If you need assistance getting StickyPad installed, check out the StickyPad online help. Once it’s installed, StickyPad has lots of in-app help content.