StickyPad shortcuts

You can use these shortcut keys to save time and work with StickyPad more efficiently without using the mouse. If you’re not sure how to enter these shortcut keys, see the box on the right.

Tip: You can customize the “Create a new sticky note” and “Surface all of your notes” hotkeys from the Options dialog. Other programs that you use (such as Microsoft OneNote) may use StickyPad’s default keys themselves, so you can change the shortcuts to something else.

Windows shortcut keys

You can enter these shortcut keys from the desktop or any Windows program.

Windows+N Create a new sticky note. Use this shortcut key to immediately start writing a note from whatever program you're working in.
Windows+S Surface all of your notes. Use this shortcut key to bring your notes to the surface if they're behind other windows. (This will not show notes that you have closed or hidden.)
Alt+Tab Go back to the previous window. This shortcut key works even if you don't have StickyPad. Use this to go back to what you were working on after creating a new sticky note.

Note shortcut keys

These shortcut keys only apply when you're typing in a sticky note.

Menu Open the note menu. Use this shortcut to open a menu of different options for the note you're working on. (You can also open this menu by clicking the arrow button.)
Ctrl+A Select all. Works like your word processor's Select All command.
Ctrl+Z Undo. Works like your word processor's Undo command.
Ctrl+X Cut. Works like your word processor's Cut command.
Ctrl+C Copy. Works like your word processor's Copy command.
Ctrl+V Paste. Works like your word processor's Paste command.
Ctrl+W Close note. Normally, this turns the note into an icon on your desktop. (This shortcut works the same as clicking the (X) button.)
Delete note. Closes the note and puts it in the Recycle Bin. (This shortcut works the same as Shift-clicking or right-clicking the (X) button.)
Ctrl+R Set a reminder. Sets (or clears) a reminder for the note. Use this to have StickyPad remind you to do something at a certain time.
Ctrl+M Minimize note. Shrinks the note to an icon on your taskbar, next to the clock. (It will appear as a blue version of the main StickyPad icon.) Click on this icon to restore the note.
Ctrl+P Pin note. Causes the note to float above your other windows.
Ctrl+B Large text. Makes the text on this note larger and bolder. (You can change the font on all of your notes in the Options dialog.)
Ctrl+T Add time and date. Adds the current time and date to the note, so you can remember when you wrote it.

Mouse shortcuts

Here are some handy shortcuts if you like working with the mouse.

Surface all of your notes. Right-click on the yellow StickyPad icon next to the clock to bring your notes to the surface if they're behind other windows. (This won't show any hidden or minimized notes.)  You can also use Windows+S instead of right-clicking on the icon.
Quickly delete a note. You can either right-click on a note's (X) button, or hold down Shift while clicking it, to immediately delete a note instead of just closing it.
Shut down StickyPad. Clicking the (X) button on the main StickyPad window normally just closes the menu. If you right-click on it, you can shut down StickyPad. StickyPad will show up again the next time you log on to Windows.